How do I rate an audiobook and write a review?

We want to know what you think about your books!

Press the stars on the book page and the ratings page will open. Here you can rate your book with stars from 1-5 and see how others have rated it. For audiobooks, you can also rate the narration separately.

As soon as you have rated your book with stars, you can also write a review and let others know your thoughts. Of course, you can also read other people's reviews here.

Don't worry, you can of course delete your review at any time and you don't have to write one if you don't feel like it. As soon as you have pressed your stars, your rating is saved and you can leave the page. You can always change your rating later but you cannot remove it completely.

When you are finished with a book the app will also automatically prompt you to rate and review your book, when you move it to "My history", so you won't have to look up the reviews page separately.

Please note: Narration rating is not available on iOS devices with an older operative system than iOS 13.