How does the timer work?

The timer is perfect if you for example want to fall asleep while listening to a book and have it turn off automatically after a certain amount of time.

The timer is represented by an icon of a little stop watch in the lower right of the audio player. Press this button and choose how long you want to listen to a book before it turns off either a number of minutes or until the end of the track or chapter.

Your book will turn off automatically when the timer that is now shown on the screen runs out. You will always see the timer on the full screen audio player. Here you can also easily cancel the timer and adjust it by adding time or reducing the time left.

The next time you start the app, you will be greeted by a helpful function that makes it easier for you to navigate back to where you were when you lost track of your book. A shorter progress bar will show you the part of the book that was played while the timer was active. You can search on this progress bar or use the skip buttons and test listen to find where you were. Here you can also easily start a new timer.