How do I create a BookBeat account?

To read and listen with BookBeat, you need to first create an account and register for a free trial. You do this by clicking on "Try BookBeat" in the upper right corner of our website.

There you will go through the following steps:

1. Type in your name and e-mail address and choose a password. Then click "Continue".

2. Choose your payment method.

  • If you want to register with a credit card then type in your credit card details. Your card needs to be open for online purchases and registered for 3DS Secure authorization.
  • If you want to use Paypal please click Paypal. You will need a verified Paypal account to continue.

3. Read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice and choose whether you want to receive promotional e-mails from us.

4. If you use a credit card, click on "Activate my account". If you use Paypal, click "Continue to Paypal".

5. You might have to verify your credit card with your bank. If you use Paypal, you will be send to the Paypal website to choose your payment method there.

6. You should now get back to the "Welcome to BookBeat" page.

7. Download our app and log in. You should find a welcome mail in your mailbox.

If you don't get back to the Welcome-page or if you cannot log in, then please contact us at